We’ve been doing this graphic design thing for a lot of years now and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

Back when we first started computers ran at 8 MHz, strippers were reputable professionals who worked with film, proofs were called Color-Keys, and there was no internet (but AOL was pretty amazing).

Things have changed a lot, computers are faster, proofs are easier and you carry the internet in your pocket. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion at making our clients look great. It’s not about padding our portfolio with award winning designs, it’s about helping you succeed. At The Other Orange we’re completely dedicated to meeting all of your needs and exceeding your expectations in everything we do.

We offer a full range of online services including custom website design, e-commerce solutions, content management systems and web hosting. We also offer a complete range of graphic and advertising design services. And we even handle the printing.

If you need it we can do it and we have the expertise to make sure everything is completed quickly, cost effectively and to the highest possible standards.

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Our Approach

We don’t just create design solutions, because almost anyone can do that. We create awesome ideas that exist for only one reason – to help you reach your marketing and business goals. And we do it by adhering to the following principles:

We are completely and totally customer focused. We pride ourselves in our customer relationships and focus on helping these relationships grow into something amazing. Some of our client’s have been with us since the beginning (that’s a really, really long time).

Our goal is to know you better than you know yourselves. We really are mind readers and this allows you to get, not just to get what you want, but what you truly need. When you work with someone for 15 years, this really isn’t that hard of a thing to do. We don’t wait for you to call us, we anticipate your needs and suggest things to help you achieve your goals.

We are completely results-oriented. Absolutely everything we do is based on the idea that we’re only successful if you’re successful. We aren’t in this to make things look pretty, we’re after results.

We’re also totally hands-on. The person you speak with is almost always the one doing the work. There are no middle men or gate keepers so your ideas get across the first time. And if there is ever a problem, we can fix it on the spot.

Give us a chance and we are pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

Jeff Fraser, Creative Director

Jeff is a web & graphic designer, writer, blogger, videographer and photographer.

Jeff has spent almost 25 years in the graphics industry, with hands-on experience in nearly every facet of offset printing, digital prepress and graphic design.

Jeff also has extensive experience in all areas of online communication, including web design, programming and web hosting.

WordPress has fast become his specialty – if you want a crazy awesome WordPress website Jeff can make it happen.

Jeff is also an expert in all aspects of digital prepress so you can be sure that every print ready file that leaves our office is created to spec each and every time. This isn’t about being perfect for perfect’s sake – this saves you time and money on every single print job.

Jeff is a regular contributor to Spunger, a blog covering all aspects of web and graphic design.

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