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We really, really hate fine print but sometimes you just have to have it (unfortunately we learned that the hard way). Below are a few notes on how we work and what our packages include. We’re also super easy going so if you need 15 email accounts instead of the 10 your package includes, we usually just throw it in for no extra charge. Depending on what extras are needed, sometimes throwing them in for free just isn’t possible though (for a variety of reasons) – if we aren’t able to include something for free don’t think it’s because we don’t like you.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All Website Projects

Client is responsible for supplying written content and photography.

SSL Web hosting includes the purchase of SSL certificate. If client chooses to move website to a new web host the SSL certificate will no longer be available.

The selection of stock photos may change at any time. If client chooses to move website to a different web host client retains right to use all stock photos

The selection of remium WordPress plugins offered with our website packages may change at any time, please see our website for the latest selection of plugins. Plugins are only available for websites hosted on our web servers. If client chooses to move website to a different web host the plugins will no longer be available.

The selection of premium credit card processing plugins offered with our eCommerce packages may change at any time and depend on availability. Not all credit card processers are supported, please ask us if your current (or planned) credit card processer is supported. If client chooses to move website to a different web host client retains right to use credit card processing plugin. PayPal Standard processing requires customers to visit PayPal’s website to complete checkout process.

All extra fees will be added to initial set-up cost, payable in full at the start of this project. Monthly fees will be billed automatically to a credit card at the start of the next calendar month. Automatic billing will continue until cancelled by client. If service is cancelled before the one year contract has elapsed, the total remaining payments will be automatically invoiced. After the one year contract has elapsed client can take ownership of the website design, its content and domain name; prior to this time all are property of OffColour Media 2013 Inc. If website is moved from our service, a website archive will be supplied that includes all designs, website content and free WordPress plugins. All premium plugins remain the property of OffColour Media 2013 Inc. and can not be transferred.

If the scope of work changes (more complicated requirements, increased page or image count, etc.) a new estimate may be issued. Payment in full is due on delivery of completed project files.

WordPress Coaching

Domain name and full service web hosting are supplied by The Other Orange, if client has a website hosted elsewhere there is no reduction in price. Web hosting is free for the duration of coaching period, once the coaching period ends the standard full service web hosting rate ($15/month) will apply. If client needs SSL security for website the cost to purchase the SSL certificate will be added to the first’s month coaching fee and the additional charge of $10/month will be added to the monthly invoice to cover the enhanced web hosting.

The cost to purchase any needed premium WordPress plugins or themes will be added to the first month’s bill. All extra costs will be discussed with client before proceeding.

A coaching plan can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time, with one month’s notice. Refunds are not given for months where there is less work performed than the plan includes. Unused plan hours can be banked for future use if requested. Please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Hourly charges are calculated in 5 minute increments.

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