Introducing WordPress Defender!

I considered calling this post “Oh Sh#t, My WordPress Site Has Been Hacked, but decided against it. Although those would definitely be the words you would use to describe the situation if it ever does occur.

Some hackers are just bored and want to cause trouble, others can be extremely malicious and cause real and permanent damage to your site. Below are just a few of the issues you will have to deal with once your site has been hacked.

  • Your website could be taken offline completely by your hosting provider
  • The hacker can add malicious code into your site, infecting every single visitor to your site
  • The hacker can also change content on your website to whatever they want it to be (adding links to porn, discount drugs or anything else totally undesirable to your target audience)
  • Google rankings for your site can be negatively affected (If Google finds a hacked site it adds that information to your Google listing)
  • Your website files could be damaged beyond repair, forcing you to build a brand new website, meaning weeks of downtime, expensive design fees and weeks of lost income
  • Customer details can be compromised or stolen, especially terrible if you are running an e-commerce website

There are thousands of articles available online describing best security practices, advising you to remove or add or change any number of things on your WordPress website to make it less hackable. However, if you don’t have hours of time and tons of expertise, most of these tips will be impossible to implement.

That’s where we come in. The Other Orange has just introduced a brand new service called WordPress Defender that protects your WordPress website from hackers and other issues that can bring down your website.

WordPress Defender ensures that all of the most important best practices are followed:

  • WordPress, plugins & themes are always kept up-to-date
  • We tweak your WordPress files and settings to make it harder for hackers to gain access to your website and limit the havoc hackers can wreak if they do manage to get in
  • Daily back-ups ensure you get back up & running if anything goes wrong
  • Every single file on your website is monitored for unauthorized changes
  • All suspicious login attempts are monitored and blocked
  • Includes our amazing full service web hosting

To celebrate the launch of WordPress Defender we’re offering discounts on all our Defender packages for the month of November.

You can learn more here…